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Benefits of Working with Tax Connect


 Clients that we have assisted:

  • South African headquartered companies who have international mobile employees.

  • Foreign companies looking at setting up a base in South Africa.

  • All South African company who have employees!

 The benefits of engaging with Tax Connect:

  • Agility, provides practical and professional solutions in an agile manner.

  • Not subject to limiting restrictions, easing the engagement process and ensuring fast turnaround time for your important deliveries.

  • A flexible costing model specific to your requirements and budget.

  • Independent consultant with multi-faceted personal international tax experience and knowledge to support your company’s needs.

  • Operates independently but can easily link in as an extension of your team.

Mobility Strategy

  • Global mobility policy design and implementation.

  • Assist in defining a company’s mobility strategy.

  • Unpack the various mobility tax and compensation  philosophies available which will form the foundation of the Mobility Tax framework.

  • Co-design mobility Policy(ies).

  • Assess mobility management processes e.g. assignment services and implementation (outsourced or internal).

  • Evaluate and propose amendments to payroll structures and processes.

Mobility Tax

  • Advise on a wide range of global mobility tax matters.

  • Compute the income tax impact and considerations for companies and employees of working abroad, both inbound and outbound staff movements.

  • Provide solutions regarding international best practices and payroll, including shadow payroll and process approaches.

  • Structuring benefits and packages to optimise tax savings.

  • Advise companies and employees on multi jurisdictional interactions and application of double taxation agreements.

  • Ad-hoc advise on topics from tax emigration, capital gains tax, to exchange control regulations and tax filing obligations.

Tax Emigration

  • Evaluate your personal circumstances and apply the tax rules to your unique set of facts.

  • Pre-plan and actions to take before leaving to maximise any possible tax savings.

  • Explain the impact of tax emigration and exploring optimal options to minimise the impact.

  • Explain the difference between tax emigration and exchange control emigration.

  • Helping you step by step through the process with SARS from filing tax returns to applying for the correct directives and clearances.

  • Interact with third parties, e.g. banks and employers, to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Employees' Tax

  • Employment benefit and employment tax consulting.

  • Review and advise on the tax implications of existing and proposed employment contracts.

  • Advise on maximising structuring opportunities within the legislative parameters of the South African Income Tax Act.

  • Guidance on contractor classification and associated PAYE and reporting considerations.

  • Assist with in-depth Pay-As-You-Earn (“PAYE”) benefit, process and compliance reviews.

  • Guidance regarding employer obligations, IRP5 reporting and procedural aspects.

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